Multiply your income in just 13 months with our new Bond offer. Holders of our May 2017 Bond get a special rate of 6%, while clients who are new noteholders will get 5.75%, which are both attractive rates.

Here’s an example of what you could EARN when you invest in our new Bond:

Investment Amount

Interest for 13 Months @ 6.00%

Interest for 13 Months @ 5.75%










Proven Investments Limited (ProvenJA) has advised that their Board of Directors approved the following resolution at the Board Meeting held on May 25, 2017:

(a)   the Company be and is hereby authorized to offer for subscription up to 68,949,472 ordinary shares of US$0.01 par value in the capital of the   Company (the “Share”) and ranking pari passu in all respects with the existing issued ordinary stock units of US$0.01 par value in the capital of the Company at an offer price in cash to be determined by the Directors of the Company in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company, such offer to be made as a renounceable rights issue, on terms whereby:
           (i) each existing ordinary shareholder of the Company as at such record date as may be determined by the Directors (hereafter, an “Eligible Member”) shall be entitled to apply for up to one (1) new Share for every block of eight (8) ordinary stock units held (with fractions of a block being disregarded), and
           (ii) such Eligible Members may elect to renounce the provisional allotment of some or all of the Shares allocated to them in the offer in favour of a person of their choice, whether or not such person is also an Eligible Member; and
(b)   that such ordinary shares as are applied for pursuant to the offer in respect of which application are accepted by the Directors, be issued and allotted in accordance with the terms and conditions of such offer, which terms and conditions shall be determined by the Directors in their sole discretion and set out in a prospectus to be issued by the Company under authority of the Directors in connection therewith.
(c)   that such ordinary shares as are issued and allotted by the Directors in accordance with the foregoing resolutions shall be converted to ordinary stock units of US$0.01 par value in the capital of the Company upon issue.”

"The market, like the Lord, helps those who help themselves. But unlike the Lord, the markets does not forgive those who know not what they do"- Warren Buffett.

The best investment decisions are based on accurate, timely market information and the understanding of how to use this information to capitalize on lucrative opportunities. In short - knowledge, time and expertise are crucial to your financial success. Many investors don’t usually have all three.


 “Use other people’s brains” - The 2nd law of wealth creation

Not having the knowledge, time or expertise should not be a deterrent to your financial success. Serious investors know that what you don’t have, you seek. Find the expertise and use it!


NCB Capital Markets Limited invites you to leverage our expertise

Our in house research team has the knowledge and expertise to identify profitable market opportunities for you and provide you with timely market information and investment strategies.

Our research analysts have years of experience and training in the financial markets. The team has copped the JSE Market Research Competition top prize for Analyst of the Year for the last three consecutive years.

We invite you to take advantage of the knowledge base of our experts who spend each day analyzing the local and international financial markets to identify attractive investment opportunities for your portfolio. 

Check out our Weekly Market Guide for a recap of the week’s economic conditions both locally and internationally.