CAC 2000 Ltd. Profit Plummets

  • For the six-month period ended April 30, 2019, CAC 2000 Ltd. reported a profit of $3.07Mn (EPS: $0.02) which represents a 94.3% drop relative to $53.65Mn (EPS: $0.42) which was recorded for 2018.
  • The deterioration in performance can be attributed to a fall-off in revenues (17.2%), whilst a decline in interest income (71.3%), together with losses experienced in other operations of the business amounting to $2.53Mn contributed to an upswing in net finance costs of 206% above the prior year. Growth in general administrative expenses of 8.5% also contributed to performance.
  • The stock has fallen 24.6% since the start of the calendar year. CAC 2000 Ltd closed yesterday’s trading session at $12.76 and currently trades at a P/B of 3.36x earnings which is below the Junior Market Distribution Sector average of 3.70x.

 (Source: CAC 2000 Ltd Financials)