Want to start your investment plan but don't have the discipline to save each month? NCB CAPFactor is the product for you.




What is CAPFactor?


Designed to ensure you receive value-added investment options, we have augmented our newly launched unit trust product, NCB CAPFunds, with the introduction of the NCB CAPFactor, which allows monthly contributions as low as $10,000.


How will you benefit?


With the CAPFactor, your savings can be automatically transferred to your NCB Capital Markets investment account each month. Based on your instructions, we will debit the NCB savings or current account of your choice and transfer the funds to the CAPFunds portfolio you have selected. It's that simple! You can have peace of mind knowing that you are saving regularly towards your financial goals, hasslefree.


Let us help you meet your financial goals through NCB CAPFactor!




How can I apply for the CAPFactor?


Simply fill out the below application forms and submit it to an NCB Capital Markets Wealth Advisor.




How much will it cost?


An initial set-up fee of $350 will be charged by the Bank.



Terms and Conditions


  • Standing order or pre-authorized payment must be for a minimum of $10,000 each month for each fund selected
  • The facility must remain in place at least until the minimum $200,000 investment is reached for each fund selected



Investing in NCB CAPFunds is easy with the CAPFactor! Speak with a Wealth Advisor today.