NCBCM Launches Secured Loan Facility - NCB CAPLoan

NCB CAPLoan is an asset based loan where the underlying security is the primary basis of the loan approval.

What is the current Acceptable Collateral?

  • NCBCM JMD Money Market Fund (NCB CAP M-Fund)
  • NCBCM USD Money Market Fund (NCB CAP xM-Fund)

Existing and new customers can borrow up to 90% of their Unit Trust M-Fund Value!

Qualification Criteria

  • Client must have the available asset
  • Client must have no delinquent debts with NCB Jamaica


Product Summary

Tenure  Maximum 5 years (Amortized)
Interest Rate  Fixed (9% - 10.40%)
Minimum loan amount  JMD 1 million
Turnaround time  Next day disbursal


Contact your NCB Capital Markets Wealth Advisor today for more information!