PanJam’s Year-End Profit Soars

  • PanJam Investment Limited reported audited net profits attributable to shareholders of $8.31Bn (EPS: $7.85) for the year ended December 31, 2019. This represents a 55.8% (or $2.97Bn) increase from the $5.33Bn made in the prior year.
  • A 41.7% (or $1.36Bn) increase in revenues that overshadowed the 4.4% (or $73.96Mn) increase in total expenses drove this performance. Additionally, a $1.58Bn increase in gains on the disposal of shares in associate companies supported the improvement in the company’s bottom line.
  • The stock price has fallen 21.9% since the start of the year, closing Tuesday’s trading session at $78.82. At this price, PanJam trades at a P/E of 10.0x, which is below the Main Market Conglomerate Sector Average of 12.4x.

(Source: PanJam’s Financials)