Dominican Republic Metal Exports Top US$1.3B

  • Exports of mined metals in the Dominican Republic reached US$1.3Bn as of August 2020, according to data released by the Dominican Association of Exporters (Adoexpo).
  • It says that the FOB value of the gold product, including platinum, raw, semi-worked, or powder gold was US$1.1 for a growth of 12%; Ferroalloys reached US$223.1Mn, or 8% lower, compared to the period January-August 2019.
  • “Copper ores and their concentrates between January-August 2020 registered a negative figure of US$10.6Mn, or 48% less than last year in the same period.” Adoexpo data indicate that zinc ores and their concentrates reached US$1.9Mn, down 79% compared to January-August 2019.

(Source: Dominican Today)