iCreate Institute Announces Several Initiatives To Pivot And Grow For 2021

  • On December 28, 2020, iCreate Limited, at its hybrid Annual General Meeting (AGM) announced several initiatives to boost revenues and profitability. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tyrone Wilson disclosed to the shareholders a second division being the Opportunity Ventures Division.
  • This division will start with the Creative City Initiative, an acquisition of an e-commerce company, Mobile Edge, and the Reggae Sunsplash Music Festival - all coming together to form ventures that can help to grow the creative and technology industries.  
  • This initiative, the first of its kind in Jamaica, will include the office space for the iCreate Institute, the company’s first division; studios for creatives (artists and marketers) with residential accommodations to service those needs; museums and co-working spaces.
  • This will be facilitated through a Joint Venture Agreement, which was signed on December 23, 2020, with the proprietor of the lands for the New Kingston based project. The project is estimated to cost approximately J$1.00Bn and is scheduled to be completed in the next 24 months.

(Source: JSE