Minister Shaw Announces Millions of Dollars in Agriculture Investments

  • Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Audley Shaw has announced millions of dollars in investments in the agricultural sector, with the aim of  improving the sector in areas such as delivering value to stakeholders such as the tourism industry and establishing a fully integrated supply chain operation. 
  • Among them is a US$95.0Mn investment to create a certified organic high-tech greenhouse farm in Goshen, St. Elizabeth, which will be the largest, by far, in the region. He informed that the joint-venture project will be undertaken on a 200-acre property over a seven-year period. 
  • The US$6.0Mn Just Fruits and Vegetables Ltd. (JFVL) Agriculture Project, will deliver fresh fruits and vegetables for the domestic market, including satisfying demand from the tourism sector. The joint venture equity investment is centred on the establishment of a state-of-the-art fully integrated supply chain operation. The project involves the production, warehousing, cold storage, and multi-channel distribution of fresh produce on the domestic market. 
  • Shaw said JFVL’s business model involves the engagement of contract farmers to farm a 600-acre property in Hill Run, St. Catherine, under the company’s direct management, noting that a feasibility study on the project has been completed. In addition, the Minard Estate Farm in Brown’s Town, St. Ann, will be expanded under a public-private and a 500-acre Agro Park will be built in St. Thomas, under joint-venture equity.

(Source: JIS News)