Supply chain stress is intensifying and showing no signs of fading, Moody's Analytics says

  • From port congestion and price spikes to widespread shortages, the stress in US supply chains is intensifying and could slow the economy in the coming months, Moody's Analytics warns. 
  • To measure the logistical strains impacting the economy, Moody's recently created a US supply chain stress index that is made up of various metrics for production, inventory and transportation. 
  • That index climbed to 135.9 in August, compared with pre-pandemic levels of about 100. Moody's said early signs point to another increase in the supply chain stress index for September, driven by further price increases. 
  • The logistics nightmare is posing a real obstacle to the economic recovery from COVID-19. Hurt by a shortage of materials and workers, US industrial production unexpectedly fell in September, according to the Federal Reserve. Industrial production measures everything from manufacturing and mining to electric and gas utilities

(Source: CNN Business)