Guyana Strengthens Health Services With US$97Mn IDB Loan

  • The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a US$97Mn loan to strengthen Guyana’s healthcare network – the first operation under a conditional credit line for investment projects (CCLIP). According to the IDB, the overall objective of the CCLIP, which will include multiple loans, is to improve access, quality, and efficiency of health services in the country.
  • The programme is expected to expand the capacity of seven hospitals (four hinterland hospitals in Regions one, seven, eight and nine, Linden Hospital, New Amsterdam Hospital, and Georgetown Public Hospital) and extend the coverage of diagnostic exams and medical consultations.
  • It will also increase the efficiency of the public health system by supporting improvements in logistics, management, and processes. Infrastructure upgrades include more efficient use of water and energy as well as accessibility provisions for disabled persons.
  • As part of the investment project activities, the CCLIP will also finance Guyana’s plans for a digital transformation in health, including the expansion of the teleradiology and teleophthalmology networks. Finally, it will strengthen supply chain management, improve the provision of maternal and child health, and contribute to pandemic and emergency preparedness, among other activities.
  • This programme included a gender and diversity assessment to identify and address health disparities by gender, ethnicity, and disability status. In addition, it contributes to climate change mitigation and adaptation by financing health infrastructure that is environmentally sustainable and resilient to climate change.

(Source: Guyana Chronicles)