Grenada’s November Visitor Arrival Numbers Surpass 2019

  • The Grenada Tourism Authority announced that for the third consecutive month commencing in September, visitor arrivals showed a significant increase over the benchmark year of 2019. Data suggested that November 2022 saw the highest arrivals, with a total of 14,232 visitors, representing a 17% increase over 2019 figures.
  • Notably, the USA market has shown the strongest rebound and represents 61% of overall visitation. The market is anticipated to finish 2022 with a 2% growth over 2019 which, given the fact that Grenada opened its ports only in April of this year, shows how strong the recovery has been.
  • CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority Petra Roach stated, “During the pandemic, we did a lot of groundwork putting systems in place to create a more efficient operation and evaluate our activity.” Since then, the country’s digital footprint has expanded significantly, which has given the country a much more cost-effective marketing reach.

(Source: Now Grenada)