CPJ Announces Multimillion USD Expansion Plan  

  • The Management of CPJ has announced that its Board of Directors has approved plans for three major projects that will positively impact the growth and further development of the Company both locally and offshore.
  • The Board has approved plans for a US$1M solar expansion project, with installation to commence in Q1 of FY2024. The Board has also approved a US$2.3M plan for the modernization of the Meat Processing Plant, with work to commence in Q1 of 2024.
  • Offshore, CPJ will be expanding its Operation in St. Lucia with a new store, final plans are being put in place with operations to begin in Q2 of FY2024.
  • These expansion plans come at a time when the tourism sector is growing rapidly, and are expected to generate more revenues as well as cut energy costs, which is anticipated to ultimately increase shareholders’ value.

(Source: JSE)