Tropical Battery Company Limited Expands Operations to North America with Incorporation of Tropical Battery USA, LLC  

  • Tropical Battery Company announced the incorporation of its newly formed subsidiary, Tropical Battery USA earlier this week. This strategic move signifies TROPICAL’s ambitious expansion plans into North American markets.
  • Tropical Battery USA, LLC will serve as the key platform for the company’s foray into online marketplaces, starting with Amazon. Leveraging Amazon’s extensive reach, TROPICAL aims to introduce its top-quality products to millions of consumers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • With the establishment of Tropical Battery USA, LLC, the company is positioning itself to harness the vast potential of online marketplaces like Amazon. Its primary objective remains the same, to provide consumers with high-quality products they can trust.
  • This move reflects TROPICAL’s vision to continually adapt, innovate, and expand in response to global market trends and demand. Its recent expansion into the Dominican Republic through the acquisition of Kaya Energy Group is an example of such an expansion. The company anticipates a boost in sales and brand awareness in these key regions as it taps into Amazon’s infrastructure.

(Source: JSE)