Our Vision

An industry leader renowned in the Caribbean for its wealth management services, innovation and financial success attained through happy, well-trained and committed employees, outstanding service delivery and corporate citizenship.

Our Values

  • We hold a deep and abiding respect for each customer, every colleague in our companies, and all our shareholders. 
  • We commit to finding new, practical and innovative ways to make the term “excellent service” more relevant to each customer – every day. 
  • We commit to the relentless renewal of our enterprise through the constant training of our people at all levels. 
  • In our merit-based culture, individual reward and recognition will be a result of measured performance.  We treat all competitors as noble, but we will compete fairly and vigorously to win.

Our Brand Pillars

Transparency - All the company’s activities will be conducted in a manner that is transparent, open and aboveboard. All internal and external customers will be treated fairly and equitably in a manner that is in keeping with the established standards of NCB Capital Markets.

Delighting Internal & External Clients - In all of our interactions, customer satisfaction is the minimum standard for which NCB Capital Markets aspires. We constantly seek opportunities to exceed our clients’ expectations

Entrepreneurial - Every employee of NCB Capital Markets takes ownership of his or her role in the company and is committed to the innovation and continuous improvement of products and services that will lead to increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

Valuing People - Every internal and external customer is valued and treated with dignity and respect regardless of job function and financial status.